This Cosmic Date

Hi, all — welcome to the first post of my blog. I’ve wanted to start one for a while, but I wanted its first date to have cosmic significance. I missed 6.06.06, and 6.07.06, and 8.07.06, and 12.06.06 (my 20th wedding anniversary!). I can’t wait for 7.07.07. (Apparently, the latter is the most requested wedding date in history because of the lucky superstitions around the number 7.) So….. 1.23.07 will just have to do! 🙂

A little background: the shorthand of my blog is “ssk” which is a knitting abbreviation for “slip slip knit,” a technique that creates a decrease that leans to the left. Hence — my subhead “Musings of a slightly left-leaning suburban mom.” It’s also shorthand for my three most fanatical avocations: I LOVE music, especially singing. Last year I achieved one of my dreams — singing at Carnegie Hall (with my school’s vocal group). I also LOVE surfing and everything about surf culture. I have an 8’4″ Becker Supermodel, sort of a girly funboard. Unfortunately, I’m spoiled with the warm water of Hawaii and Costa Rica, so I don’t surf much at home in Southern California except in the summer. Finally, I LOVE KNITTING!!!!!!! Most of this blog will be about my trials and tribulations and progress and production relating to knitting.

That’s plenty for now. I’m posting my first picture, my favorite view from my family’s property in Costa Rica (it’s my screensaver and my inspiration).  Double-click it to see it full size!


Favorite View


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