Snowballs and FO Clapotis(es?)

Greetings to pheangeance, my first commenter on my first day! I haven’t even told my family about this blog yet, much less my knitting buddies. I’m amazed you found me….

“Snowballs” refers to effect I expected once I actually started a blog. No dipping in the pinky-toe with this stuff — once you dive in, ya gotta more-than-dog-paddle to keep afloat. I’m immersing myself in this new language and etiquette and, I must admit, it’s daunting! Fun, but … I don’t want to mess up. I keep telling myself, “No worries! No blood involved!” Yet the perfectionist in me still obsesses…. Plus it takes so much time!

My FOs pictured below are my three Clapotis, the iconic pattern by Kate Gilbert published at Does one say “Clapotises”? In French the singular and plural would look the same, but … I dunno…. The first was done according to the pattern in Knit Picks Shimmer, doubled, in Grape Hyacinth. I didn’t like the speckled effect until I kept the colors of the strands together and it pooled in a pretty way. I think the presence/absence of flash altered the colors in these photos. I gave this Clapotis to my wonderful saint of a mother-in-law.

Mom’s ClapotisWearing Mom’s Clapotis

The second in the purply colorway is my own from Mango Moon recycled sari silk. It, too, is to pattern, but the yarn is much wider, heavier, stickier. It was a PAIN to drop, but otherwise I absolutely loved the process of making it. When I wear it, I think, of all places, of Costa Rica because I knit a large chunk of it on the beach at Santa Teresa. As I knitted, I imagined all the women before me whose hands had worked the silk, woven it, sewn it into a sari, wore the sari, unwove it, washed and spun it back into yarn, then finally marketed and sold it to me. I hope it turns into a treasure to be handed down in the generations of my family. This

is a link to a photo of my Clap from Squeeze OC, an online magazine that covered a wonderful performance art event last year where we stitched and bitched and watched knitting on 8 foot needles and toured an art gallery, all in the same evening.

Mango Moon Clapotis

The latest, finished just last week, is in Caron’s Simply Soft for an old friend of my husband’s who is chronically ill. To be perfectly honest, I think I’m trying to atone for bad karma years ago when I considered her competition for my husband’s affections (he was soft of with her when we met). Is a soft (machine-washable!) and warm, handmade Clapotis enough to cancel out the bad vibes I sent into the universe? Anyway, I hope she likes it….Caron Simply Soft Clapotis

Rogue Tess

Caron Simply Soft Clapotis purl detail


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