Twisted Float Cardigan FO

One of the main reasons I felt compelled to start a blog now is my ever-increasing pile of FOs (finished objects) that I want to photograph, show off, then send to their intended recipients. Below is a detail of my Twisted Float Cardigan, designed by Annie Modesitt in Vogue Knitting, in Lorna’s Laces worsted. I did the smallest size, which is just a little snug, but I think I would have been swimming in the next size up. I can’t figure out how to resize the silly photo — maybe in a future edit.

Another inspiration for my blog is the desire to share my quirky finds: trivia, podcasts, yarn resources, whatever. My latest favorite is the Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte, who discuss a new gadget each podcast with lively and witty conversation. They are available to subscribe on iTunes or at

Rogue Tess

Twisted Float Cardigan Vogue Fall 2005

FO Twisted Float Cardigan Detail

4 thoughts on “Twisted Float Cardigan FO”

  1. Hi kmegamom — Thanks! I used exactly what the pattern called for because I wanted it to look like the cover model. I don’t have the imagination to outthink Annie Modesitt in design! On my To DO list, to post a picture of the kewl asymmetrical shawl pin I use;

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