Value and Stash

This morning my daughter quoted a newspaper article that UCLA had the highest number of undergraduate applications in the universe, or some such. Obviously this means more people applied there than Harvard or Stanford (yay!) or even UC Berkeley. It made me muse on the notion of “value.” UCLA is a great school (I went there for grad school) AND it’s got low tuition for state residents AND it’s got weather second only to UC San Diego AND it’s in an amazingly diverse and vibrant geographic community. If you want to sun, surf (yay!), snowboard, attend movie premieres, be in movies, eat weird food, hobnob with rich people, hobnob with social justice people, visit theme parks, travel to Mexico or Hawaii, this is a fabulous location and UCLA is a fabulous school.


It all depends on what you value. UCLA is one of my daughter’s top college choices for all of the above, not the least of which is bang for your buck. If we could afford it, we would “value” one of the elite private universities more, even if she had to travel back east. But we have other priorities for that money. If we valued social and business connections more, we’d send her to USC in a heartbeat because of the contacts we/she already have and the potential career help she’d get in the future. But we prefer living in the moment and allowing her to make choices about what will matter to her in her future.


Getting long-winded here … my point is just that I’m weighing what I value more carefully and intentionally these days because money, time, and quality of life are precious commodities. What does this have to do with knitting?!?!?!?! Stash. I wasted so much time this weekend looking for my one ball of cashmere because my stash is out of control. I realized that half of it is castoffs from someone else’s stash! WHY am I hanging onto novelty yarn in colors I don’t even like that much? Because it was free. But how much “value” does free stuff really have if it’s costing me time and storage space and ease of mind?


OK — note to self, all the novelty yarn is already mostly in one bin. When I have time (yeah, that’ll happen!), I will ruthlessly cull out yarn that I cannot imagine enjoying knitting with or wearing or even giving away to strangers in a knit-for-charity item.


Whew! I love how knitting contains all the deep metaphors of life. No one blends the two better in my mind than Brenda Dayne in her podcast Cast On. I want to be Brenda when I grow up, at least the insightful-writer-living-in-picturesque-Wales Brenda. She can be found in iTunes and her website is (Gotta learn how to do those tags, links, HTML thingies!)


My FO for this post, in honor of our unseasonably cold weather, my fingerless gloves, Cigar from in Koigu KPPPM, a washable 100% merino (great for socks!). I had another pair in Misti Alpaca Baby Alpaca, a lovely eggplant color, but I lost them!


May you only experience what you value in your life….



Koigu Cigar on


2 thoughts on “Value and Stash”

  1. This is wonderful, and I love those Cigar gloves. I have to say I wear mine all the time, especially with as cold as it’s been lately! Silly California weather.

    I’m really glad you guys are letting Angela make her own decision about college, she’s such a smart kid I think it’ll be good for her and give her one more step to feeling like she’s an adult.

    Ok, so that was it, I love the blog, I love you, and we need to hang out sometime really soon. So sorry you had to miss Pub Knitting last night, it was really fun, I hope you can come next time.

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