Getting Back on the Horse (or Snowboard)


During yesterday’s XGames in Colorado, history repeated itself with a hot, talented snowboarder named Lindsay Jacobellis. She’s best known for blowing a sure Olympic gold medal with a showboating move that made her fall and allowed the second place boarder to slide ahead of her. Same thing yesterday!

Speculation in my family is that she was trying to shake off the Olympic demon, to prove that she could take the gold cleanly. Ironically, she has won gold in several events since the Olympics, but her slip-up is all the press can focus on.

IMHO it’s morbid human nature. People would rather watch the train wreck than the triumph. Why can’t we as humans focus on the good instead of obsessing about mistakes?

How does this relate to knitting? OK, it’s a little convoluted but let me try: Knitters overly obsess about their train wrecks rather than their triumphs. Like some of my friends, I sometimes have a hard time accepting a genuine compliment about a garment I’ve knitted that I know contains mistakes. The untrained eye sees a lovely sweater in a flattering color on the knitter wearing it. But the knitter knows where stitches were added or dropped, where the seams are uneven, etc. Sometimes I frog an unbelievable amount because I don’t want to wear a garment with an error I know would exist.

My FO for today is my Blaze in Knit Picks Andean Treasure, designed by Jenna Adorno for Knitty. I love that’s it’s done entirely in the round and the only seaming is at the underarms. I started it, with its challenging cable, before I had the skills to figure out what it should look like in process. I can’t tell you how many times I frogged back — thank God for lifelines! It still has a couple of problems, but I think I’m done obsessing.

Rogue Tess


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