Knitting from Stash

I’m being bombarded with messages from the universe to STOP buying new yarn and knit from my stash! OK, so maybe I’m just projecting…. (1) I listened to the latest Cast On podcast in which Brenda Dayne (whom I admire on so many levels but mostly for her knitting wisdom) talked about this issue. She said there are even contests on various blogs to commit to knitting from stash for a month, 6 months, a year. In a nod to human nature, most have some kind of escape clause, such as the sock exception and one get-out-of-jail-free pass. (2) A knitting group road trip to a warehouse sale appears to be postponed until further away from payday, so as to minimize temptation. (3) I tripped over some of my existing project bags trying to get to my desk for some essential work. (4) And the guilt simply surrounds me….


This is actually a GOOD thing, right? I mean, I love my stash — I should pay attention to it and not allow my eyes to stray to seductive new yarn. OK, just to get myself motivated, I’m posting a picture. No, this is not my stash. This is not even my projects already on the needles (the ones I tripped over). It’s just the corner near my desk of project bags that already have a pattern in a page projector and the necessary yarn in center pull balls inside of them. I resolve to complete at least two before I buy more yarn. Pinky swear….


Rogue Tess


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