Community and Comfort

Whoa — it seems that just mentioning a subject (community) opens the universe to all kinds of messages and new awareness. The homily at mass at my church this morning was all about it; the recent losses and crises among several friends and acquaintances have highlighted its importance; reconnecting with people on one of my communities has made me appreciate it all the more. OK, cosmic forces, I get it!!!

Like the knitting community, the spinning community (much overlap between the two) is fantastic. Spinning itself is such a meditative practice, in some ways more hypnotic and automatic than knitting. One of the clearest expressions of how comforting spinning can be is Franklin Habit’s essay in Episode 42 of Cast On. The episode is entitled “Home for the Holiday.” Franklin tells of his youthful fascination with a nursery rhyme containing the line “Cross patch, draw the latch, sit by the fire and spin. / Take a cup and drink it up, Then call your neighbors in.” In his eloquent way, he hypothesizes it’s about a grumpy spinner, overwhelmed by holiday stress, who feels the need to lock out the world. But she takes enough comfort in spinning by the fire for awhile (with perhaps a dram or two of sherry) to unlatch the door and let the world in once again.

My photos below are not of FOs, but of influences. The first is of the Louet S-17 that I rented for a few weeks from lovely businessowner Wendy pictured in the second, demonstrating on her Lendrum. Renting felt better to me than borrowing because I could elect to spin or not to spin, to keep it longer, etc. at my own leisure. Introducing myself to spinning in this relaxed way got me addicted quite quickly. The third is of my own Ashford Joy, selected after trying several wheels in various shops, then scouring the spinning lists for used wheels for sale. I WUV MY JOY!!

Coming attractions: my first skein and my project from my first skein.

Have a happy Super Bowl Sunday! May you stay connected to your community. (Today I plan to attend part of a SB Party with my dh, then come back and finish out the day with the Knitty Gritty Super Knit Sunday TV marathon!)


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