My First Skein

As promised, here is a picture of the first skein I ever spun and the hat I made out of it. The roving was some random New Zealand roving from a local spinning/weaving shop. I spun combinations of a dark blue, light blue, and pink, and left it single ply. The hat was a simple tam pattern from my friend Melyssa. I have enough left over for a matching scarf, but I like having just the lone skein to play with.

They say that it takes 21 days to create a habit. I’ve been blogging daily since January 23, so that’s … 14 days. I must admit, the daily-ness is getting to me, but I kinda don’t want to break my streak. Hence, I realize this entry is less profound or philosophical than others but … oh well!




2 thoughts on “My First Skein”

  1. Hey lunarawe —
    Thanks for visiting! It’s a pretty funky one, but I like it. My “second” skein is still on the bobbin. I want at least 500-700 yards of this wonderful Corriedale that I plan to dye.

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