Genre, Audience, Purpose

Today I had about 20 minutes of downtime between places-to-be that I spent in Starbucks doing (SPK) solo public knitting. At first I was missing my iPod, then I found myself mightily entertained by eavesdropping on the VERY LOUD conversation of a twenty-something couple. Not a conversation, really, since I barely heard the girl do more than giggle and mumble in agreement as the guy rambled on, with every other word a profanity or the words “drunk,” “wasted,” or “plastered.” Sure, he had a cute captive audience whom he was apparently trying to impress (this girl), but he also had me and everyone else in the vicinity as his audience and we were far from impressed. He had to know we could hear every word, but I guess he just didn’t care.

I teach my students that every piece of writing has its own “GAP” — “genre” (e.g. letter, short story), “audience” (e.g. peer, teacher), and “purpose” (e.g. persuade, inform, entertain). The same is true of any human interaction, oral or written.

The clueless-guy-at-Starbucks conversation was of the genre of “flirting or courtship,” the audience was meant to be “the impressee (girl)” and the purpose “to impress.” But the same conversation could accomplish several different purposes, depending on the audience. For example, if his boss had been eavesdropping from the corner, the conversation could cause the boss to question the guy’s judgment and cost him his job.

How does this relate to knitting? (EVERYTHING relates to knitting!) My genre is personal blog, my audience is sympatico knitting aficianados (or at least kind friends), and my purpose is to share my thoughts and knitting projects. Therefore, I feel safe in sharing the FO’s below — my Ben and Jerry’s cosies! They are supremely mockable by unelightened non-knitters, I admit. But you, my gentle readers are sure to understand the utility and cuteness factor of a knitted “garment” that allows one to eat quality comfort food right out of the carton without freezing one’s fingers. Yes, there is a free pattern from the internet. The yarn was from my stash, more Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino plus some Trendsetter novelty yarn. The blue was from my ancient stash and I believe is superwash something.

(Please don’t mock!)


3 thoughts on “Genre, Audience, Purpose”

  1. Your coziees are great! I saw a DIY program recently on which one of the decorators observed, “You can slipcover everything.” Not quite accurate! What is a slipcover, but a cozy? Therefore, you can make a cozy for everything! I wish we could knit cozies for some of the colder portions of life…and frog some of the other parts as well. This is Melyssa from the ATS Wednesday group, by the way.

  2. Hi Melyssa! Thanks for visiting. I, too, love the concept of “cozying” the world. Did you see Anne’s post about the knitted buildings?!?! I remember another about a Ferrari cozy. BTW, I will try to make it to spinning since it’s a holiday!

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