One of my favorite attributes of knitting is do-overs. Knitting, for me, is truly about process, not product, although I adore the finished products … mostly. This Multidirectional Scarf, from a free internet pattern, was done in Noro Silk Garden. I remember the process of knitting it fondly, even though part of it was during a Gilmore Girls DVD marathon during which I picked up stitches on the wrong edge and ended up making a right angle instead of continuing the straight scarf. My bad…. Yeah, I cursed myself a lot, but it was pretty funny-looking.

Once I finished this, I wore it for a while, then decided it was just too busy. So — I frogged the whole thing and rewound the skein which now sits quietly in the Noro section of my stash awaiting a worthier project.

who wishes she could frog some of her more embarrassing life moments….

PS “To frog” (for my non-knitting readers) means to undo huge sections of knitting. It comes from the phrase “rip it, rip it, rip it” which also happens to be what frogs say…. “To tink” means to undo one stitch at a time, from the word “knit” spelled backwards.


2 thoughts on “Do-Overs”

  1. Your wish to frog parts of your life reminded me of the Bill Murray film, Ground Hog’s Day. If at first you don’t succeed….

  2. Hey Frogman
    I LOVE Groundhog Day — an apt comparison. A darker take on do-overs is The Butterfly Effect, with a surprisingly believable Ashton Kutcher. The lesson there was one cannot truly control fate. Shakespeare said it first with Macbeth….

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