My First Socks

Here’s a photo of the first pair of socks I ever knit. I can’t recall exactly what year. Also, I knit these before I started to save the ball bands. I recall I bought it in Menlo Park, sort of souvenir yarn since I live at the other end of the state. Suffice it to say it’s some kind of superwash self-striping yarn. Ideally the white and brown were supposed to make diamonds, but it would have made the socks too big for me, so they are what they are.


The pattern was an original basic pattern by Margaret (Last Name Escapes Me at the Moment) who is a key player at Suzoo’s Wool Works, one of my favorite LYS (local yarn stores). They host a Tuesday night Stitch N B — dangerous for knitters to socialize in a knit shop, but fabulous for the knit shop’s sales! 😉


A little too tired tonight for philosophy. … Well, you can reflect on something like the need for taking a breath every once in a while.
OTOH, Dale Webster, that famous regular-guy surfer in Santa Cruz who surfed EVERY DAY for like twenty-nine years never “took a breath.” He apparently surfed even when sick, catching at least three waves per session. That’s either admirable or troubling. He must not have ever gone away on vacation.


That’s not me…..




2 thoughts on “My First Socks”

  1. I remember when I surfed every day, and I couldn’t even imagine giving it up…now my boards are all dusty, with generations of spiders between the skegs. I like having distractions and different interests, but I think I am missing again that centered feeling of surfing. Have to pick it up again.

    I don’t even remember you snapping that piccie way below~oy, my boobs look the droopness. Definitely have to move that cabling up when i reknit that sweater. 😉

  2. Hi Wendy
    I snapped the picture the day I returned your Louet when you so kindly demonstrated your long draw drafting. I was very self-conscious about trying it myself in the shop, although I played with the Lendrum just long enough to appreciate its smoothness and quietness. FYI, Larry and I just (December) bought a little two-bedroom condo in Oceanside, easy walking to the circle at Surfrider, north of the pier, for a weekend surf retreat! We brought some furniture down last Saturday.

    Reknitting your sweater!?!?! Actually, I get that — see my post on Do-Overs!

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