More SP Kindness

This is another photo of one of my three packages from my Secret Pal from a few years ago. “Secret Pal” is a program whereby knitters are anonymously matched with other knitters for about 3 months. Each person completes a questionnaire about likes, dislikes, obsessions, wish lists, tastes in music, snack food, books, etc., then sits back and waits for gift goodness to come in the mail. There is a dollar limit and a commitment to something like 3 packages, depending on the exact program. Each knitter provides goodies for a differerent knitter than the Secret Pal assigned to her(him), and identities are revealed (and new friends made) at the end.

What I most loved about this package is the serendipity. See the luscious pink Peruvian Baby Silk? Within about two months, I ran across the perfect below-the-ankle sock pattern in MagKnits done up in — what else? — Baby Silk. How cosmic is that!?!?! (I’m out of town, but when I return, I’ll post a picture of the finished socklets.)

The Potato Chip scarf is one of my favorites to wear, and I’ve long since burned through the yummy pear-scented candle.



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