Comfort Clothes

You know how mashed potatoes and gravy are comfort food? Well, my Elegant Gauntlets, from The Knitting Experience Book 2: The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville, are among my favorite Comfort Garments. First, they’re very cozy. I have teeny, skinny fingers with lousy circulation, so my hands are always cold. Second, they’re in a purply colorway, one of my favorite combinations (the colors from the detail photo are more accurate than the full length). Finally, they’re made from one of my go-to yarns, Koigu PPPM.

It’s been a rocky weekend, physically and emotionally, so comfort anything (food, clothing, huggable doggie) played a prominent role.



2 thoughts on “Comfort Clothes”

  1. Hey Wendy — Thanks! I hope your own rockiness is smoothing out! For me the most trauma always has to do with family. I visited my parents last weekend and was saddened to see how frail they are getting. I’m grateful we’re close enough (geographically) for lots of visits.

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