What to Wear in Weird Weather

It’s been unpredictably freezing at night, sometimes foggy in the morning, and blastingly hot in the afternoon. This FO is one of my favorite layering items. It’s a Hooded Poncho in Lion Brand Homespun, the Agate colorway (I think). The pattern is free on the Lion Brand website. I originally shopped for the yarn at my LYS (local yarn store), but learned rapidly how snooty they are there when I asked for Lion Brand and they looked down their noses — “We don’t carry Lion Brand!” So I just ordered it from the internet. I don’t shop at the snooty store…. 😦

Sorry for the blurriness of the full shot (no willing relatives handy to take the shot). I hope you can see from the detail shot how the border is defined with a decrease.



One thought on “What to Wear in Weird Weather”

  1. Looks good! Michael’s, Joann’s and Walmart carry Lion Brand, and I think most yarn stores don’t stock it because they just don’t feel like competing with them, which is too bad, they do have some good basics. Maybe these folks were worried it’d lower the “tone” of their knitting boutique. 😉

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