What Not to Knit

Today is a take on one of my current favorite reality shows (of which there are very few) — What Not to Wear. It’s not that I enjoy mocking the taste of the fashion victims profiled (well, OK, I like that a little….), but I actually learn stuff about better style and color choices for my own particular shortcomings. I think I’ve begun dressing with a little more flair lately.

This is my latest purchase: a Johnny Was jacket from a boutique in Walnut Creek, CA. Note its suitability for conservative occasions … from far away! I LOVE the embroidered detail below:

As far as knitting goes, the first scarf is a regretful design of my own, all stockinette. I get now the thing about edges curling. It’s still a cute color, though. The second is a lesson learned — I used a 2×2 rib. A little better and, again, a cute color redeems it. What’s nice is that my daughter doesn’t seem to care about these scarves’ shortcomings — she just likes to wear them. I LIKE her fashion sense!



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