Falling Off the Wagon

Sigh …. I was doing so well, too. I had surpassed the 21 days it takes to establish a habit of posting daily. Then — life happened. On Saturday I had to be in 19 places at the same time from basically 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., spent a total of about 65 minutes in my house between those hours, and came home exhausted. On Sunday I got up to lector at the 7:30 a.m. mass, then came home, made breakfast, and crawled into bed again for a lovely long time. Sunday night my dh and I had a lovely belated Valentine’s Day dinner (can you say diamond earrings!?!?!). On Monday I did all the stuff on my holiday off that I should have accomplished during the weekend and … here I am.

Oh, well — no blood involved…. I can’t imagine anyone else in the universe cares whether or not I post every day except me. Actually, this takes the pressure off of having to maintain a streak. I allude once again to Dale Webster, who surfed EVERY DAY for twenty-nine years. Amazing….

My photos today are of spinning! I haven’t spun in months. Last night I went to a local Monday spinning meetup at Starbuck’s in Anaheim. This is Melyssa giving a spindle lesson to Jerry with Renata spinning on the right, as well as a shot of Melyssa’s show-and-tell handspun skeins. My favorite is the autumn colored tencel blend (wish you could see the shimmer) and also the tweedy wools. She has some really fun silk in there as well. Go visit Melyssa at Woolgathering and Jerry at Twisted Knitster for more pictures! My current bobbin is of practice Corriedale. I LOVE spinning it — it’s silky and short (i.e. challenging) but feels so lovely. It also still smells vaguely of sheep and the lavender I store with it. Very soothing….


2 thoughts on “Falling Off the Wagon”

  1. Hello~
    I enjojed the photos!
    My town has more sheep than people
    I have never seen such amazing spinning
    one day leads to the next
    this September 3 will be 32 years in a row surfing 3+ waves daily
    keep bloging
    and I’ll keep surfing

    all the best
    daily wavester

  2. Dale Webster! On my blog comments! Dude, thanks for visiting! I surf (sorta) too — began at age 43 — what was I thinking to wait so long?!?! I admire you so much, not just for the amazing feat of The Streak, but the spirituality that seems to surround it for you. Keep on keeping on. Always do what you love…. My family (all surfers) and I will be thinking about you on Sept 3.

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