Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Wow — lots of life has intervened since my last post! First the knitting. I had made (past tense) great progress on my Cable-Down Raglan from the latest Interweave Knits (to about row 14 or 15 on the yoke before separating out the sleeves. Then I went on a weekend church retreat where I could only knit in 10-15 minute increments except for one 45 minute stretch that was heavenly. It was during the latter I discovered I had too many stitches in one section and too few in another and I couldn’t figure out how to ladder down where I had increased, so……. ripitripitripit!

I’m now back to row 6 and I’ve written a row by row chart with the number of stitches required per section and I’ve promised myself not to knit when I’m sleepy. Don’t mistake me — I’m not resentful.  I LOVE the process of knitting and I want a garment I make and wear to be RIGHT.  Sure, no one else would ever know if I fudged an increase or decrease here or there, but I would know!

My only regret about my mistake is the wasted time. In college a procrastinating friend of mine had a plaque that said “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” I agreed back then, but now I take issue with the definition of “wasted” time. If I’d been more attentive, I would not have made the mistakes that required me to do-over. I think I could have learned my lesson in less time, thank you very much….

I had a fabulous, spiritually envigorating time at the retreat with many new and familiar teenagers. But I’m STILL recovering from sleep deprivation and just plain exhaustion. I had to hit the ground running on Monday for my teaching job and just got wearier and wearier. One fun fact from my job is a colleague just shared his blogs for two of his classes — he uses a subscription to Typepad — and I’m getting inspired to make one for my classes. No links to this one, though — I’d like to preserve some relative anonymity….

More later — I’m also behind in grocery shopping!



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