My bad….

I just got around the no-photo dilemma by linking to this awesome pattern that came up today as one of the Knitty surprises. The evil enablers at Knitty and KnitPicks placed an ad for the yarn used in the pattern at the top of the page for one-click impulse purchases. I HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL!

Well, not exactly true. My dh and dd lament that I can have a bag of potato chips next to me on my desk for weeks without opening it. I can resist junk food, but NOT yummy yarn. I confess I ordered the yarn for this sweater within about 3 hours of reading the pattern. I altered the colors, though, swapping out the darkest shade (Sand) for the second darkest (Willow) and substituting Butter for Willow. It makes for a slightly more muted palette with just enough blue (Cloud) and green (Silver Sage) for contrast. I can hardly wait! Self-control is overrated….



Knitting Dream (sorta)

First of all, to get the grumps out of the way, I have no picture to post today because I am at 100% of my upload capacity in my free flickr account for the month! Wha!?!?! It’s like the kid with free drugs on the playground — he gets you hooked for free until you want MORE and then you have to PAY for it….

Any advice? Should I pay $25 for “unlimited” flickr privileges or shop around or move my blog elsewhere that has more photo storage?

OK — it’s out of my system … for the moment. On to my DREAM!

I was at the Purl warehouse picking up my Tilli Tomas when I spotted a copy of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and it flashed on me — the night before I dreamed of being trapped in a closet full of Hourglass sweaters in various solid colors with contrasting facings, just like the one I made! My view was looking up at the closet rod, about eye level of a 5 year-old, marveling at all this handknitting and wondering if any of it had been machine knit, but of course it couldn’t have because the pattern is knit in the round. Weird….. I told Jennifer and she just laughed, commenting that she was glad I didn’t consider it a nightmare. Time to consider altering my medication dosage…. 😉

Preview of coming attractions: I had to get a smog check for one of our cars that went more quickly (yay!) than expected and I was in the neighborhood of Suzoo’s so … naturally I HAD to stop by. Whenever I can post a picture (grrrr), I’ll show you my impulse purchase. Suffice it to say for now that it involves alpaca (it’s a for a gift, not me, Amanda!), many wonderful colors and a new set of needles.


It Arrived!

Yay! My two skeins of Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple in Ruby Wine arrived, so I took a quick jaunt to PurlSoho to pick it up. I wouldn’t let Jennifer wind it for me because, if she did, I would cast it on IMMEDIATELY! And I have work to do…. But I can still hold it up to my cheek and purr.

Also pictured is my swatch of Habu stainless steel/silk and merino after gentle hand felting. I love how the black stainless makes funky waves. I decided to modify the pattern to carry some merino through the stainless-only section, so it can felt slightly in an unusual way. This is going to be fun!

There have been some discussions in the blog world about courtesy and free speech. I’m generally in the camp of only blog or comment what you would say to someone in person, but there are nuances. For example, people who have trouble with patterns or yarns or products have a right to know whether their problems are unique or universal. The issue becomes sticky when complaints about a pattern degenerate into designer-bashing. 😦 There is a principle of teaching and parenting that basically preaches, “Criticize the behavior, not the child.” Same goes in regular life!

I’m writing about this because, apparently, Joelle Hoverson of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts was one of the victims of designer-bashing. Jennifer sounded somewhat sad and a little bitter that, even after they helped people (who bothered to ask!) with deciphering an accurately-written pattern, the badmouthing still continued. To me that’s just wrong. There are more productive and mature ways to handle complaints.

First, go to the source to get help or corrections! Knitting designers (and most people) want users to like their products and are willing to help solve problems.

Second, if you get help, go back and tell people you are now a happy puppy. Don’t leave the negative energy floating out there in the world. If you don’t get satisfaction, still consider the potential forever effect of your words and actions on someone’s reputation.

Third, before “blaming” someone else, look in the mirror. Maybe you are the one who is misinterpreting something. My point is — play nice!

Sermon over….

Clapotis #4 FO

I love this pattern! This shawl, in Caron Simply Soft, is for my mom. The pix are all of the knit side, although the purl side is wavy and pretty as well. The only drag about the photos is the rich evergreen color didn’t come through. Maybe I’ll try more photos this weekend, but right now I just want to post ASAP.

Part of my hurry was to get this project done because I need my #8s! I’m starting my Habu scarf in stainless steel and merino. Next picture (it will be a busy weekend) will be of my swatch. This is going to be one funky interesting project….

Have a great weekend!


FO in 60 MInutes

Is this the cutest little knitting tschotske you’ve ever seen?!?! It’s a Keychain Sock Blocker that came with a pattern for a sock to fit it (cast on 16). So in under 60 minutes I had a little mini-me to match my favorite Crusoes that I had to darn. Both keychain and pattern can be had from Felt Up Designs. (Gotta love the name!)

Been very busy with life during this past spring break. I spent 3 days visiting my parents, relaxing on paper, but actually very stressful emotionally (driving to various doctor’s appointments, dealing with aging issues, etc.). Then spent another few days visiting colleges to which my DD has been accepted. She has some great choices — bottom line: *I* want to go back to college! I made a lot of progress on Clapotis #4 in all my travels. It should be postable as a FO within this week.



When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be famous enough to have a yarn named after me!

This (ooops — see her April 10 entry) was on Glampyre’s blog and there is another on the Tilli Tomas site. Isn’t this fun? Even better than having a sandwich or pizza or hot dog combo named after you at a trendy restaurant.

What tickled me about this item, or partly at least, is the inside-joke-knitting-geekiness of just knowing what “Glampyre” refers to, as well as all the layers (her patterns are so great in Tilli Tomas yarns). The actual colors are not to my personal taste, but so what? Anyway, the blogosphere has SO changed the world of crafting, made it both more inclusive (lots of info available) and unfortunately in some ways EXclusive (widened the chasm between beginners and long-time-practitioners). I see some surprise and sometimes some snobbiness toward newbies who haven’t quite caught up with the explosion of info. Yay for everyone reaching out to new friends and crafters and building up the community….



Wild Knitting Woman

This is my favorite purchase from Knitting Arts. The blue is actually purple in real life (I’ll get that natural light thing eventually, Amanda!). I also got a large kilt pin for Jasmine, a Rowan cardigan in Frog Tree cotton that’s only about 6-8″ along.

The natural shades of Zara Plus are merino. I’m thinking of a Moderne Blanket or maybe Lily Chin’s Nine-Block Lapghan (see the Knitty Gritty episode). One of her squares is that way kewl reversible cable and another is a two color brioche. She uses her own line of yarns, though, that have some mohair. After I swatch, I’ll have to see if the stitches still look good without the mohair halo.

I also got 3 cones of Habu, two black of stainless steel and one purple of superincrediblyfine merino. They came with a pattern for a scarf that calls for some hand felting and results in an interesting variation of a rectangular shape. The stainless steel yarn is actually a filament of SS with silk wrapped around it, amazingly supple and soft. Bedded in there is my one skein of cashmere and silk, that will become some kind of lacy cowl, maybe a moebius — we’ll see…