SEX (Stash Enhancement Excursion)

This morning I called up my friend Amanda for SEX at Suzoo’s, but she demurred. Then a minute later she called back and said her HUSBAND talked her into joining me after all. What a guy!!!

Our objective, afte a quick trip to the ATM for cash, was a LYS called Suzoo’s that was having an April Fool’s Day blowout sale. She scored some wonderful, colorful alpaca, but I passed (the line was daunting) and just had a nice gossip in the parking lot with some of our other friends who had the same idea. Much stash was enhanced this morning.

Not to be outdone, I drove to another LYS called The Sheared Sheep and purchased some AMAZING Tilli Tomas silk yarn (picture to be inserted shortly) for Sahara and the KAL (knitalong) sponsored by the Sexy Knitters Club. I am literally on the last 9 rows of the Simple Knitted Bodice, also the object of many KALs, which I will post as soon as it’s finished.

Today’s pictures are the before and after my efforts to “glam up” for Faculty Follies. Don’t these fake nails look great?! Look quickly, because, while I loved the look, I HATED the feel. So the weekend after the show I removed all but the thumbnails.

OK, now for my weak excuses for not posting for a month. 1. participated in 4 numbers in the Faculty Follies show at the HS where I work (Posh Spice in “Colours of the World”, soprano duet and chorus in “Sister Act”, Asian-Latina gangbanger girl in “Stomp!,” chorus in “Razzle Dazzle” from “Chicago”), 2. grading papers, 3. editing/publishing March newsletter for philanthropic organization, 4. recovering from post-Follies cold, 5. grading papers, 6. funeral for husband’s co-worker’s son, 7. ferrying son to SAT prep classes and test, 8. attending daughter’s final dance recitals as a high school student (she was in 7 numbers), 9 grading papers, 10. other incidentals of life….

Well, that was cathartic — not very useful to anyone but myself, but … there it is. New goal — to post SOMETHING at least every other day, including a picture, because all of those posts I composed in the car but never published have all gone to waste. The moments have passed. What I love about blogging is capturing the moments, however trivial. Amazingly, other people’s apparent trivia as sometimes expressed in their blogs become inspiration to me, so I hope to do the same by just spewing my random utterances and observations into cyberspace.



2 thoughts on “SEX (Stash Enhancement Excursion)”

  1. Hi Wendy! It feels good to be back — like resuming an exercise regimen (not that I do THAT very often either…) I’ve stockpiled some stuff to share, so posts will be more frequent, hopefully!

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