Simple Knitted Bodice Finished!

Yay! I’m SO happy with how the fit and drape turned out for my Simple Knitted Bodice. This is out of SouthWest Trading Company’s Oasis, a woven soysilk yarn. Isn’t it cosmic how the lace panels on the sleeves kinda match up with the panel on the body?!?! It truly feels soooo silky. My blase dd (who normally is uninterested in wearing knitted goodness) saw this and immediately wanted one of her own. She works at Anthropologie and flattered me by suggesting I should market this to them — definitely their style.



3 thoughts on “Simple Knitted Bodice Finished!”

  1. Looks so pretty! I’ve been noticing so much empire waist style this year–I love the look (on other people, I totally can’t pull it off).

  2. Thanks, friends! I’ve been influenced a lot by Stacy “Shut up!” London, the female fashionista of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” I love her partner Clinton, too. They both advocate the empire “band” to flatter many body types. I’ll have to post soon about my other fashion secret — SPANX! They are super-industrial-strength modern-age girdles. I got one that goes from my bra band to midthigh to hold myself in for my Faculty Follies gig. Fun, as long as I didn’t need to breathe too deeply.

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