My First Tilli Tomas

Who knew? When I purchased three skeins of Tilli Tomas from one of my LYS, I got this way KEWL silk project bag, too! These are two skeins of Pure & Simple in the Multi Red/Orange colorway and one skein of Disco Lights in Ruby Wine. They will become a shortsleeved Sahara, a pattern from Stitch Diva by Wendy Bernard. I love the top-down, fitted design. It’s VERY reminiscent (hmmmmm….) of the Simple Knitted Bodice by Stephanie Japel that I just finished. I had planned to order the same colorway in both P&S and Disco Lights, but I couldn’t resist this combo when I saw it in the shop. We’ll see how it swatches up.  I’m looking for digital picture taking advice (Amanda? Lori?).  My photos seemed washed out and two-dimensional compared to the in-person loveliness that is this yarn.  I like my background, at least — my huge, distressed dark wood dining room table.  I want my photos to be pretty like brooklyntweed’s!

Anyway, my poor OTN projects, and the ones languishing in project bags with actual patterns in page protectors, will have to wait just a little longer while I play with this extravagant yarn.  I’m fickle, I know — I get infatuated.  Fortunately, I indulge this tendency only in my yarn, and not my relationships.  December 6 was my 20th wedding anniversary.



5 thoughts on “My First Tilli Tomas”

  1. Lighting is the biggest factor in capturing really beautiful images. The camera will make some difference but lighting is the most important thing. Unless you have professional lighting gear, the best way to take picutures is outside – go for the natural light! A slightly overcast day is best since bright direct sun will also wash things out. Your front porch would probably be a GREAT place since it is shaded and provides some cute backdrops. Don’t be afraid to use the macro setting! Good luck 🙂

    Congrats on 20 years of marriage!

  2. Happy 20th. That’s something to aspire to these days!

    As for picture taking I tend to diffuse natural light. I agree with Amanda that your front porch would make a great place to take picture. Most of my picture taking is done on my porch, which is east facing. Isn’t you’re east facing too? I also find that I cannot use the flash at all or else things will appear washed out.

    When I’m feeling particularly anal, I will use a tripod and use the slowest shutter speed I can. Usually I shoot on aparature priority, setting the F-stop to the lowest setting (so that the depth of field is shortened). That’s when I’m using the digital SLR. When I’m using the point and shoot I just go for the natural light.

    Have fun working with the TT. I fondled some at Purl last week. It does seem nice!

    Yes it is a Lendrum! And – although the houseguest is short term right now – in a month she’s staying for two whole years! MJ is traveling and lending me the wheel while she’s away for that time. 🙂


  3. Purl has Tilli Tomas? DANGEROUS INFO! That means I can go an impulse shop there, too….

    Wendy has a Lendrum that she let me try — very smooth! I went for the Ashford Joy, though — equally wonderful and as tad more portable. Have fun with your “guest”!

    OK, digital photography — yet another creative time sink for me to enter! 🙂 Can’t wait!

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