The Baby I Knit For

Here he is! My darling nephew Miles– only one on my side (about a gazillion on my husband’s side — my kids have 30 first cousins). I think he’s probably already outgrown my Baby Kimono for him in Koigu PPPM. He’s definitely scooting off his baby blanket. He’s a “hapa” kid, half African American, half Filipino. Gawgeous!

Had a mildly productive visit to the PurlSoho warehouse at lunchtime. They had TWO unadvertised skeins of Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Ruby Wine. But the Ginger silk that I hoped to use with my red-and-ginger variegated was still too dark. So … I ordered two skeins of Pure & Simple in Ruby Wine that should be here in a week! I can’t wait.

Last night I cast on Clapotis #4, in Caron Simply Soft, a lovely pine green for my mom. I am physiologically incapable of working on only one project at a time….

Happy Easter Weekend!

3 thoughts on “The Baby I Knit For”

  1. Eh, project monogamy is boring…it’s rare I find one knit so entrancing that it’s all I want to do. Thank goodness I don’t love like I knit.

  2. send me an e-mail the next time you want to run over to Purl Soho at lunch. My favorite place to go for lunch. Love the unadvertised specials and sale items. Funny we just got our Tilli Tomas order on Friday. Love the blog, I just put it on my daily read list.

  3. Hey, Wendy — Isn’t it wonderful how knitting absorbs all of those habits that would’ve been icky in other aspects of our lives??
    Jerry — Thanks for the offer to browse with me at Purl, but I have a feeling you would be a verrrrrrryyy dangerous S.E.X. companion! (No offense, Mrs. Twisted!) I have little enough self-control as it is just shopping by myself at Purl, especially right after payday. But, hey — how about a fish taco at Catalina Fish Kitchen down the street sometime?!

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