Mecca in NoCal!

Unassuming, isn’t it? This sign graces the front of my newest favorite LYS of all time, right in Saratoga, the little town where I lived from high school on up. Who knew it would get so kewl?

I’m on spring break visiting my folks who moved to across the bay, but I needed a yarn fix and this is what came up when I googled. It took me a good 10 minutes just to get in the door because, as seen here, they had two long tables of bagged yarn — GOOD stuff like Rowan and Filatura and Tahki and Cascade Fixation (great for bikinis!). More sales inside (I scored some cashmere at 50% off the original $35/skein.) I’ll post pix of my enhanced stash tomorrow, cuz today I just wanted to show off this shop. They have a whole wall of pretty Koigu — see, see?

AND a wall of Habu Textiles!!!
No need to go all the way to New York.

Yes, this cone correctly identifies the main component of this yarn as Stainless Steel! I actually already have a bunch in a kit waiting to be made into an asymmetrical cardigan, but I picked up more (plus some threadlike merino) for a seriously fun airy and hand-felted scarf.

Here’s another display of hand painted ribbon. And a picture of half of their Collinette wall. GORGEOUS stuff, from Wales, I think. I’ve made a couple hats from their thick-and-thin, but there is some lovely sport weight displayed here, too.

No pictures, but you name the yarn to lust for, and they got it — Tilli Tomas, Lorna’s Laces, Alchemy, etc. etc.

Gonna sit down and stop hyperventilating now. Tomorrow I’ll show you what I bought on sale and at full price.

Rogue Tess


10 thoughts on “Mecca in NoCal!”

  1. LOL! Who was Mr. Saratoga and why does he have all these places named after him?! So, changelingthings — if you’re not near Mecca, what’s your best source for fiber? Please do NOT tell me it’s the farm/mill down the road where you can pick your yarn by the name of the sheep that produced it, or I will be mightily jealous!

  2. We visited their booth at Stitches west and I had a long conversation with the owner before loading up with some silk roving. They are on the list of places to visit on the next trip north to see friends. We love the shops that dare you to keep the plastic from comming out. I’m with Amanda … Road trip!

  3. Sou-Ying — down girl!! 🙂 Jerry and Amanda — The owner seems very forward thinking — they hosted the Habu trunk show and apparently Habu will be back sometime this year. I’m on both the Habu and Knitting Arts mailing lists, so I’ll keep you posted. There’s also a great shop in Oakland with a hard-to-remember artsy allusion name, as well as wherever Melyssa visited in SF.

  4. I also stopped by their booth at stitches. Aubrey and i got some of the Habu SS because the Habu booth ran out and sent us to their booth!

  5. Kewl! I want to know what you end up knitting with your SS! My cardigan kit is still sitting in my stash closet because I need help translating the chart to American conventions.

  6. Alas, my nearest “good” yarn store is one and a half hours away! My nearest “will have to do” yarn store is called “lindcraft” which is a little like your walmart, I think – except it’s just for haberdashery. Still… there’s always the web!

  7. Hey changelingthings — my sympathies one being unable to get that yarn fondling fix more often! The web is a wonderful source, but it’s hard to get the feel or sometimes accurate colors from a monitor.

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