When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be famous enough to have a yarn named after me!

This (ooops — see her April 10 entry) was on Glampyre’s blog and there is another on the Tilli Tomas site. Isn’t this fun? Even better than having a sandwich or pizza or hot dog combo named after you at a trendy restaurant.

What tickled me about this item, or partly at least, is the inside-joke-knitting-geekiness of just knowing what “Glampyre” refers to, as well as all the layers (her patterns are so great in Tilli Tomas yarns). The actual colors are not to my personal taste, but so what? Anyway, the blogosphere has SO changed the world of crafting, made it both more inclusive (lots of info available) and unfortunately in some ways EXclusive (widened the chasm between beginners and long-time-practitioners). I see some surprise and sometimes some snobbiness toward newbies who haven’t quite caught up with the explosion of info. Yay for everyone reaching out to new friends and crafters and building up the community….




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