FO in 60 MInutes

Is this the cutest little knitting tschotske you’ve ever seen?!?! It’s a Keychain Sock Blocker that came with a pattern for a sock to fit it (cast on 16). So in under 60 minutes I had a little mini-me to match my favorite Crusoes that I had to darn. Both keychain and pattern can be had from Felt Up Designs. (Gotta love the name!)

Been very busy with life during this past spring break. I spent 3 days visiting my parents, relaxing on paper, but actually very stressful emotionally (driving to various doctor’s appointments, dealing with aging issues, etc.). Then spent another few days visiting colleges to which my DD has been accepted. She has some great choices — bottom line: *I* want to go back to college! I made a lot of progress on Clapotis #4 in all my travels. It should be postable as a FO within this week.




6 thoughts on “FO in 60 MInutes”

  1. Hey, teeny sock lovers — Thanks for visiting! This was my first day back teaching after the break and this quick and cute project was just what the doctor ordered…

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