Clapotis #4 FO

I love this pattern! This shawl, in Caron Simply Soft, is for my mom. The pix are all of the knit side, although the purl side is wavy and pretty as well. The only drag about the photos is the rich evergreen color didn’t come through. Maybe I’ll try more photos this weekend, but right now I just want to post ASAP.

Part of my hurry was to get this project done because I need my #8s! I’m starting my Habu scarf in stainless steel and merino. Next picture (it will be a busy weekend) will be of my swatch. This is going to be one funky interesting project….

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Clapotis #4 FO”

  1. Congrats on the FO! That pattern seems to look fabulous in ANY yarn doesn’t it 🙂

    Colors and photography are a tricky thing… there are so many confounding factors (including monitor calibration). I get the best shots on a sunny day in my back yard – either in the morning or afternoon so the sun is not directly overhead.

  2. I think I’ll try some photo experiments in the yard this weekend. I don’t have to mail off my new Clap for a while yet. The Habu swatch is more of a macro shot, though. The dining room table will probably work for that one.

  3. The color is really pretty. I tend to take my photos at midnight to some unmentionable hour in the morning so I don’t always get the most natural color representation. I read somewhere that a white opaque box from Ikea in the sunlight is the best photo stage because it diffuses the light and ilimnates the shadows while giving natural light. Can’t wait to see the next FO

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