It Arrived!

Yay! My two skeins of Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple in Ruby Wine arrived, so I took a quick jaunt to PurlSoho to pick it up. I wouldn’t let Jennifer wind it for me because, if she did, I would cast it on IMMEDIATELY! And I have work to do…. But I can still hold it up to my cheek and purr.

Also pictured is my swatch of Habu stainless steel/silk and merino after gentle hand felting. I love how the black stainless makes funky waves. I decided to modify the pattern to carry some merino through the stainless-only section, so it can felt slightly in an unusual way. This is going to be fun!

There have been some discussions in the blog world about courtesy and free speech. I’m generally in the camp of only blog or comment what you would say to someone in person, but there are nuances. For example, people who have trouble with patterns or yarns or products have a right to know whether their problems are unique or universal. The issue becomes sticky when complaints about a pattern degenerate into designer-bashing. 😦 There is a principle of teaching and parenting that basically preaches, “Criticize the behavior, not the child.” Same goes in regular life!

I’m writing about this because, apparently, Joelle Hoverson of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts was one of the victims of designer-bashing. Jennifer sounded somewhat sad and a little bitter that, even after they helped people (who bothered to ask!) with deciphering an accurately-written pattern, the badmouthing still continued. To me that’s just wrong. There are more productive and mature ways to handle complaints.

First, go to the source to get help or corrections! Knitting designers (and most people) want users to like their products and are willing to help solve problems.

Second, if you get help, go back and tell people you are now a happy puppy. Don’t leave the negative energy floating out there in the world. If you don’t get satisfaction, still consider the potential forever effect of your words and actions on someone’s reputation.

Third, before “blaming” someone else, look in the mirror. Maybe you are the one who is misinterpreting something. My point is — play nice!

Sermon over….


4 thoughts on “It Arrived!”

  1. Hear hear! Let’s all just play nice! Congrats on the new Tilli acquisition, that color is going to look soooo good on you! Hmmm work vs. knitting with Tilli… now there’s a dilemma 😉

  2. Tess – the Ruby Wine is beautiful! I am now hopelessly addicted to TT silk – its gorgeous knitted up. I can’t wait to see yours!

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