Knitting Dream (sorta)

First of all, to get the grumps out of the way, I have no picture to post today because I am at 100% of my upload capacity in my free flickr account for the month! Wha!?!?! It’s like the kid with free drugs on the playground — he gets you hooked for free until you want MORE and then you have to PAY for it….

Any advice? Should I pay $25 for “unlimited” flickr privileges or shop around or move my blog elsewhere that has more photo storage?

OK — it’s out of my system … for the moment. On to my DREAM!

I was at the Purl warehouse picking up my Tilli Tomas when I spotted a copy of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and it flashed on me — the night before I dreamed of being trapped in a closet full of Hourglass sweaters in various solid colors with contrasting facings, just like the one I made! My view was looking up at the closet rod, about eye level of a 5 year-old, marveling at all this handknitting and wondering if any of it had been machine knit, but of course it couldn’t have because the pattern is knit in the round. Weird….. I told Jennifer and she just laughed, commenting that she was glad I didn’t consider it a nightmare. Time to consider altering my medication dosage…. 😉

Preview of coming attractions: I had to get a smog check for one of our cars that went more quickly (yay!) than expected and I was in the neighborhood of Suzoo’s so … naturally I HAD to stop by. Whenever I can post a picture (grrrr), I’ll show you my impulse purchase. Suffice it to say for now that it involves alpaca (it’s a for a gift, not me, Amanda!), many wonderful colors and a new set of needles.



3 thoughts on “Knitting Dream (sorta)”

  1. That sounds like a way cool dream! Impulse purchases are so exciting – Can’t wait to see your new additions 🙂 We use the blogger interface and uploading directly from my computer is super easy (no middle man). What it does is automatically upload the pictures to an online Picasa (google) album… I may run into problems with that eventually though because there is a 1GB limit on the Picasa album. The Flickr limit can be annoying but luckily it resets every month. You can look into Snapfish or Yahoo photos for limitless storage. I’ve used both and they are just as easy as Flickr.

  2. You may want to try photobucket as another choice. I paid the fee because I’m lazy about resizing the pictures. also mine are 6.3 megapixel so you can blow them up and see the detail. The resized pics reduce or elimenate that ability. Most of my purchases are impulse buys unless it’s an online search. Purl Soho is a great source for impulse buying.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I’m coming to the conclusion I should just learn the lesson of patience and budgeting uploads and stick with free Flickr unless I seriously up my volume. This is the first month I’ve even come close to max-ing out my upload, so obviously the capacity has worked for me in the past.

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