My bad….

I just got around the no-photo dilemma by linking to this awesome pattern that came up today as one of the Knitty surprises. The evil enablers at Knitty and KnitPicks placed an ad for the yarn used in the pattern at the top of the page for one-click impulse purchases. I HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL!

Well, not exactly true. My dh and dd lament that I can have a bag of potato chips next to me on my desk for weeks without opening it. I can resist junk food, but NOT yummy yarn. I confess I ordered the yarn for this sweater within about 3 hours of reading the pattern. I altered the colors, though, swapping out the darkest shade (Sand) for the second darkest (Willow) and substituting Butter for Willow. It makes for a slightly more muted palette with just enough blue (Cloud) and green (Silver Sage) for contrast. I can hardly wait! Self-control is overrated….



2 thoughts on “My bad….”

  1. It hasn’t been shipped yet, I don’t think. I HAVE to make sure and intercept it when it does because my dh has been grumpy about “discretionary spending.” Hey, I’m entitled. HE had his sports memorabilia art sent DIRECTLY to his OFFICE without telling me…. 🙂

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