Rites of Passage

First — yay, it’s May! I can upload to Flickr again! Payday! A new month and a fresh start!

This photo is of the lovely centerpiece from my dd’s Senior Presentation (quasi-deb thing). The party (complete with white dresses and dad-in-tux escorts) was the culmination celebration of our 6 years in a local/national mother-daughter philanthropy. Perhaps this ceremony IS a bit of a throwback to a different age, but we did great charity work together, made amazing friends and learned important skills (from organizing huge fundraising functions to writing a proper RSVP ;-)). Bottom line on the party is it was really FUN! A friend who attended said she got teary and proud over some of the girls she didn’t even know. The food was way better than usual rubber chicken fare and the DJ rocked the house. I came home with two glow sticks that I put on the dog.

Knitting content: I’ve been viewing a lot of blogs lately that apply an Adobe Photoshop function to photos to break out colors, kinda like “squinting.” It works especially well with projects such as mitering. Cara’s January One blog in particular has lots of examples. I’m shopping around for a similar, less expensive program to do the same thing, but I may end up with Photoshop anyway.

This photo is of my impulse purchase. I’m a sucker for a knitted-up sample. The one in the shop was a ribbed scarf cast on vertically in two repeats of rainbow colors, hence my purchase of rainbow colors of Frog Tree Alpaca, sport weight. I’ll probably be able to get a few scarves out of this purchase. Starting early for Christmas!

Feeling a little nostalgic. The other rite of passage this weekend was my dd’s final high school performance in a musical. She was featured in several numbers from musicals performed at her school over the past 10 years. I puddled up several times at her lovely, mature voice, remembering her first gleeful days and weeks with a home karaoke machine at age 4 or 5. Off to college next fall (assuming we get through the spring semester of senior year!). Then I’ll have just one left in the nest.

Also, I’m turning 50 in the fall. My college alumni group keeps soliciting thoughts for the alumni magazine on turning 50, plans for the birthday celebration, etc. Lots of folks are traveling to exotic places. There are definitely some milestone purchases in the group, cars, jewelry, yada, yada. I told my dh I wanted a red Prius (variation on the male midlife crisis trophy blond plus a red Corvette), but he just shook his head. “Cute bit, honey, but it would get old….” Hey, I’d settle for enough qiviut for a vest. I gotta make that part of his vocabulary, though….


3 thoughts on “Rites of Passage”

  1. Those flowers were LOVELY. Congratulations to you and DD for all the milestones and here’s to looking ahead! Love the impulse alpaca purchase – that mix of colors looks strangely familiar 😉

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