FO Charmed Knits Beret

Here’s the (sorta) matching beret I whipped up over the weekend to go with the Merry Maiden’s dress for my friends’ daughter. When I delivered the dress, the mom said to me, “I should warn you that she’s been telling her friends about the dress and adding, ‘And it comes with a haaaat!'” You have to know this little girl to get the right inflection. Think Eloise (from the Plaza Hotel). Since I hadn’t yet cast it on, I felt I had to hustle on this so as not to disappoint her.

The pattern is a free pdf, a sample from the freshly published book of Harry Potter knits called “Charmed Knits.” This link is to the knitalong and the book can be easily googled at Amazon.

I’ve been surprisingly monogamous lately, finishing the Merry Maiden’s dress, the Charmed Knits beret, and working feverishly on my Sahara in the luscious Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple in Ruby Wine from a few entries ago. I LOVE the feel of this yarn. I never want the project to end — not exactly true because I want to wear it. How about — I never want to stop knitting with this yarn. Simple sensual pleasure! I should note I’m also popping See’s chocolate balls as I type this.



4 thoughts on “FO Charmed Knits Beret”

  1. What a sweet friend you are! That beret is too cute and looks very soft. I can’t wait to get my copy of ‘Charmed Knits’ – it looks like so much fun.

  2. Thanks, visitors! I’ll post pix when the mom gives them to me of the recipient wearing them. From what I can tell, many of the Charmed Knits patterns have been available free on the internet. The book compiles them (hopefully edited well) and adds new ones. I can imagine there will be many Harry Potter knitting and anticipating parties as the release date for Deathly Hallows approaches….

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