Arietta and Great Jeans


Here’s a shot of the Knit Picks Shine Sport colors I’m substituting in the Arietta pattern from the last Knitty surprise. I took out the darkest (Sand) and added the lovely Butter yellow.

Only marginally knitting content: got this info from Grumperina’s blog (May 9 post)! Also pictured are the best-fitting jeans I have EVER owned in my entire life. Grumperina blogged about a site called True Jeans that has some algorithm to match exact and truthful(!) measurements against the jeans that best fit. Unfortunately many of them are designer pricey, but I decided I was willing to pay double ($150) for ONE pair of jeans that truly fits and flatters my short body. These Christopher Blue “Lloyd” jeans fit great and are also slightly stretchy. I’m in heaven.


6 thoughts on “Arietta and Great Jeans”

  1. LOVE the colors you chose for Arietta! It’s such a gorgeous pattern, I can’t wait to see it as you progress 🙂

    Congrats on the jeans find… I’m lucky enough to be quite happy with the $20 Wrangler jeans I found in Austin. They needed hemming but I’m so used to doing that myself it’s totally no big deal anymore.

  2. My name is Jessica Arredondo and I’m the co-founder of True Jeans. We are so happy that you love your jeans! Christopher Blue is a great brand for women that are looking for comfort, yet still want to look fashionable. The fabric on these jeans is fantastic! They do have a lot of stretch in them which gives the jeans incredible memory properties. Many denim fabrics loose their shape with wear, while these jeans because of the amount of stretch in them, hold their shape and mold to your form perfectly.

    You’ll be happy to know that we’re significantly expanding our Christopher Blue selection for summer and fall!

    Thanks again for visiting the site!

  3. Kewl! A comment from a True Jeans official! I’m guessing they used the trackback function on the blogs. On their blog I put in a request for more petite sized jeans for less hemming. But who knew you could get such accurate fit without visiting a dressing room?

    Amanda — Arietta takes #2 and #3, so I don’t even have to wait to clear my Options needles to cast on! Just waiting for a little more time and energy — being unwell sucks…

  4. Hello again! We are currently in the process of increasing our petite inseam selection. One new style that we recently added is the Worn Lou Casey in a petite length. Worn makes a great jean with stretch similar to that of the Christopher Blue jeans you order. We will also be offering an original hem option for $15.00 a pair in the near future. Original hems are great because you can customize the length while still preserving the integrity of the original jean. Thanks again for supporting True Jeans.

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