99 Bottles of Water on the Wall

Ugghh. First the good news: my doctor’s office had a cancellation so they called to schedule me today (instead of Monday) for an ultrasound. Now the bad news: where to start? I’ve been feeling unwell, but I’ll spare the details. To prep for this procedure I had to ingest 32 oz. of water in one hour before the appointment. I don’t even really like the taste of most bottled waters (forget tap!), esp. the three I purchased at work. Also, I wasn’t actively teaching, just proctoring an in-class essay, so I had nothing to distract me from the vision of my ever-ballooning bladder and my aging and un-toned sphincter muscle. Fortunately, all this undistracted time permitted me to actually READ the LABEL on my water bottles where I learned that each was a whopping 20 oz., so I didn’t actually have to finish the second or even open the third. Yay for reading and math skills….

Happily for all involved, I made it to the doctor’s office and through the procedure in fine form. I’m STILL running to the bathroom until the system flushes completely.

Knitting content: this is Monica, the older girl’s version, from the latest Knitty. I’m doing the top in the pattern yarn (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece) in size 4 for the daughter of a dear colleague who simultaneously gushed over my Merry Maiden’s Dress (see previous post) for another colleague while expressing extreme green-eyed daggers of jealousy that I hadn’t yet knitted anything for HER daughter. Ya gotta love her… and I do! 🙂 I’m going to purchase the tulle for the skirt but plan to ‘fess up to my seamstressly shortcomings. My friend may want to sew the skirt for herself since I have no pattern. The top is going well — my mods were to stitch in the round instead of seaming the identical front and back together (duh!) and to knit slightly tighter than my usual so the fabric is pretty smooth. I think I’m going to pick up my lacy Hedera socks to alternate with this because straight stockinette (now that Gilmore Girls has ended — sob, sob!) can be pretty boring.



7 thoughts on “99 Bottles of Water on the Wall”

  1. Regarding the bottles of water….I wish I had read the label back when I had to have an ultrasound done. I drank all of the bottles of water…..and promptly threw them up–at the office, nonetheless!!! Very embarassing.

  2. Hey, colorstrung — oh, ugh! Many sympathies. When I was in labor with #1, I had a catheter and I recall the doctor looking at the bag and musing, “Hmm, I wonder where all her fluids are,” after which I did the promptly throwing up thing, so he said, “Ahh, there’s her fluids.” Water SEEMS so innocuous, but it can be EVIL!

  3. Are you expecting?

    Well, guess what…I just found out on Saturday (after I posted about my first water/ultrasound experience that I’m expecting too!

    How weird is that?

    Now I have to go through that whole water/ultrasound thing again!

  4. Colorstrung, dude! CONGRATULATIONS! What’s your e-mail — I want to tell you about my ultrasound but not in the blogs. I’m roguetess AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  5. Hi, I saw that in the bottom of the pattern for Monica, there is a link to a site and the instructions for the tulle skirt. It looks like there is NO SEWING necessary! Just link a piece of elastic around, then tie the tulle every other color around in knots- that’s what I read! So, it sounds easy! I was thinking of making it for a friends daughter too, because its easy and inexpensive and she’s a princess- but I don’t have the time to knit that dress- awesome. Juli

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