Spacedude Sally and Friends

I go to an awesomely diverse and fun knitting group most Thursday nights. Last weekend two knitpals and their pals scored kewl stuff at a swap meet, including a set of authentically ORANGE NASA overalls (think “easy to spot during rescue”). That’s our long tall Sally with short and purply me. We’d agreed to support Sally’s public display of this awesome outfit (she’s still working on finding an appropriate helmet) by dressing up ourselves.

The second shot is Diane in her Maleficent headdress (you have to know how un-Maleficent-y Diane is to appreciate the irony). We welcomed a new member (hi, Lou Wanna) and drooled over Sou Ying’s purchases. Lori helped rescue a messed up sock, and Amanda showed up after a dinner without her own knitting, so we gave her a swatch to do. I brought my Monica in all stockinette and still managed to mess it up because I was talking and not paying attention. Oh well. All this and great gourmet grocery food, too. Life is good….



2 thoughts on “Spacedude Sally and Friends”

  1. Sorry to miss seeing you. There’s also a picnic tomorrow, Sunday, at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach of some of the same people and many, many more. Check the Yahoo group All Things String for details. Stop by anytime!

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