Cupcake Therapy

Being sick sucks. Being chronically sick sucks big time. Without going into gory detail, suffice it to say I’ve been chronically sick with bouts of acute illness for a few years now. Bottom line: a partial, hopefully mostly total, solution is an outpatient procedure that my doctor originally scheduled for the summer. But in a cryptic phone message last Thursday, her office called to say, after reviewing the situation, they want to reschedule it within TWO weeks. Slight freakout on my part until I could get home and talk to a live person on the phone. It turns out they just want to minimize the risks of waiting and I’ll just have to deal with the fact that I’m still teaching school. OK, whatever… what can I knit on that’s soft and cuddly?

The next best thing to soft, cuddly knitting or hugging the dog therapy is SPRINKLES CUPCAKES! Pictured is a Red Velvet one atop the box of 4 it came in, courtesy of my dd’s prom date. He made her promise to give me one of them so — happy, happy, joy, joy! (I would counsel her to marry this one right away cuz he’s a keeper except she’s only 18 and he’s going to the Air Force Academy in the fall.)

Also picured is a “cupcake condo” sold by Sprinkles for protected transport of one’s gourmet cupcake to locations such as work where it can be flaunted in front of envious co-workers. 🙂 I had it for breakfast on Friday.

Hmm — no knitting content so far. I have knit a Ben & Jerry’s carton cozy, but a Sprinkles cozy would be quite a different challenge. Oh, wait — I’m hoping to attend picnic today on a bluff overlooking the beach which will be a convergence of several knitting and spinning groups. Last year we enjoyed great weather, yummy food, fabulous fiber (I mostly spun), entertaining juggling, curious onlookers and wonderful fibery fellowship. (I have to see how the chronic illness/behind in work scenario plays out.)

Happy remainder of weekend!


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