The universe bombards us constantly with the answers to our questions, if only we just raise our heads and open our ears and listen…. Actually, I don’t really mean “answers” because that implies we are asking specific questions (like “what is the meaning of life?” or “did Floyd Landis take synthetic performance drugs on purpose?”) and we usually aren’t. What I really mean is that humans inherently seek PATTERNS in order to make sense of our world, and sometimes those connections just have to hit us in the head before we notice them.

This afternoon I had a “slap upside the head” moment in which I connected a question my dd asked me last night with an amusing solution I heard on an old CraftLit podcast (thank you, Heather, for your relevance last December!). My dd asked for help on an assignment to essentially do a “MadLib,”
that is, to copy an author’s style by keeping his/her grammatical structures but replacing the words. For example, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy red dog” becomes “article adj adj noun verb(present) preposition article adj adj noun” which can be replaced with “A fast-moving thunder cloud disappears behind the steep, rocky mountain.” OK so it’s not great lit-ra-chur. Episode 33 (I think) of CraftLit referenced a random postmodern essay generator that spews out intellectual drivel that sounds like it SHOULD make sense. Highly entertaining! Go check it out.

Knitting content: I was knitting while listening to about 3 episodes in a row before going to my doctor’s appointment. (I was home sick….)


3 thoughts on “Attentiveness”

  1. What fun! I hope you are feeling better now. Maybe even good enough to go to Pub Knitters tonight? I’m dying to see what you’re doing with the ruby wine Tilli!

  2. Thanks Mrs T — no pub knitting tonight, just rest…. I’m stalled on picking up the sleeve stitches on my Sahara. I’m doing some mindless stockinette while listening to podcasts while trying to get better. Hope to see you soon!

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