(Fewer than) Six Degrees of Separation

You know the theory that every person is separated from every other by only six degrees of relationship? Well, among certain circles, I believe its much fewer. Two nights ago I was shocked and surprised and thrilled to see Carlos Alcala, one of my good friends from college, competing brilliantly on Jeopardy. He’s a journalist in Sacramento and this link is to his non-disclosing disclosure about his experience. So, therefore, me and Alex Trebek — only TWO degrees of separation!

Actually, I know another former competitor, Susan Keller from Santa Barbara who also performed in the annual musicals at UCLA School of Law produced by the wonderful Ken Graham (evidence scholar and trombone player). Unfortunately for Susan, she competed early in the run of Ken Jennings, that freakishly smart guy who won a zillion games in a row. She wrote about her experience as well in the Santa Barbara Independent — I’ll have to look up the link….

Knitting content: I finished the Monica tank for my friend’s daughter! Next step is to make the tulle costume skirt to accompany it. (pix later)

Right now, though — bedrest (still recovering).




2 thoughts on “(Fewer than) Six Degrees of Separation”

  1. Hi Debbie — LOL! Check out my friend’s article. He didn’t actually speak face to face with Alex except during the actual recording. The rest of the time Alex was either in his dressing room or handing with the studio audience. He had a nice conversation with Carlos, though, not like his usual one question/one answer.

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