A New Dimension

Thus far most of my adventures in the online world have been visual: blogging, reading websites, watching viral videos, reading and responding to e-mails and participating in group lists. Well, last week I took my first teeny toe-dip into another dimension: audio! I sent an audio e-mail to Heather, the host of the podcast CraftLit via the “Odeo” button on her blog. I have a built-in mic on my PowerBook, but used a way kewl Sennheiser headset mic I bought a few months ago with the intent to participate in some Skype conversations, but I never did. Here’s a link to her Episode 57 in which she plays my Odeo message. It was my first message sent and her first received, so we were each other’s firsts! 🙂

After you check out my message (it’s about 60 seconds), give the podcast a listen. We’re deeply into Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, but you can get a good taste of the structure and tone of the podcast. Heather comments on life, then on the literary selection, then plays a free Librivox audio of the selection read by various Librivox volunteers. I’m so jazzed by this idea I’ve begun exploring how to record for them. I started with a couple of British poems (only stuff in the public domain is accepted) but I have yet to figure out how to upload them.

Knitting content: here’s my Monica top finished! I still have to make the skirt for the recipient, but who knows when that will happen, so I gave her the top sans bottom. Also, I’ve been spending a little time uploading projects to Ravelry. The photos will take a little more time, but the process is fairly straightforward if one has a Flickr account.



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