7 Things About Me

Sigh. I was flying under the radar on this meme for a nice, long time, but Crafty Canadienne tagged me explicitly. I’m torn between wanting to play (I LOVE reading other people’s memes) and wanting to preserve some anonymity. One can never tell when a detail in an innocent post can come back to bite one in the butt, especially if one is a high school teacher…. I was going to wait until after finals, but Sally inspired me to post now. If she can take a break from preparing for her freaking orals, I can stop grading papers for a few minutes.

OK some fairly innocuous things about me:

1. I was a schizo girl in my high school activities: I was on varsity for both gymnastics (floor ex mostly) and field hockey (our IM team was the MuckPucks — we loved to get down and dirty). I was considered a X-class geek (accelerated classes — I was also #6 in my class) and a drama kid (mostly a “gypsy,” or perpetual chorus member). I also took ballet and kung fu lessons at the same time, the former as an adjunct to gymnastics, the latter because I was obsessed with Bruce Lee at the time (Enter the Dragon is still one of my all-time favorite films).

2. I had LASIK surgery about 8 years ago. Before that I’d worn glasses/contacts since 3rd grade. We’re talking serious Coke-bottle-bottoms, little red oval indentations on the bridge of my nose, the works.

3. I was in a some kind of a play or musical production for every calendar year from 9th grade through law school, including the two years I taught high school before going to law school. My favorites were anything involving dancing, especially tap. One was Sugar, the musical version of Some Like It Hot, which starred Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon set at the Hotel Del Coronado (supposed to be Florida). The two guys had witnessed the Valentine’s Day Massacre and were hiding out as members of an all-girl band. I was in the band and played the trombone and wore a blond wig.

4. I had abnormally high arches in my feet. It made for lovely pointed toes in dance. But after two pregnancies and lots of living, they’re flattened out to a normal size and expanded almost 2 sizes. One advantage — handknit socks are now easier to fit.

5. One of my favorite expressions to minimize mistakes is “It’s okay — there’s no blood involved.” Of course it only applies if it’s true, which is one reason I stopped being a pre-med. Doctoring is a high-risk, high-blood-flow profession and I already obsess enough about making mistakes that if there WERE blood involved, I develop ulcers right quick….

6. My husband’s family (consequently mine, too) is huge. He’s #2 of 15 kids. All but two siblings are married and all the married ones have at least one kid. I THINK the total is up to 30 grandkids ages 19 and under, but I’m not positive. Yes, he’s Roman Catholic and no, there are no twins. So my sainted MIL was in the STATE of pregnancy for 12 YEARS.

7. I have one of the finest video collections of Jane Austen inspired films anywhere, including 6 versions of Pride and Prejudice (one being the delightfully anachronistic version with Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson), Clueless (based on Emma), the underrated Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds, and of course the shamelessly derivative Bridget Jones’ Diary. I love teaching Brit Lit, which gives me an excuse to show Sense and Sensibility to “set the stage” (i.e. to ogle Alan Rickman) for studying either P&P or Emma.

That was fun! Now for the tagging part.  Please — if you have not been explicitly tagged, go do this and let me know when it’s posted!  OK, back to the grind….



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