A Dubious Honor

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The above from this site has been floating around some knitting blogs. I GUESS it’s a good thing…. I don’t have a lot of profanity or violence in my regular life and I deliberately stay away from it in my blog as well as in the blogs I read. Apparently, something as innocuous as complaining that frogging can be a “pain in the ass” can up one’s rating, but I don’t even do that….

Life has been really icky lately. I just returned from a stressful 6 days with my ailing parents. My sister is tag-teaming me and I will return later in the month. Mostly my job was triage — get the mortgage and insurance bills paid and the refrigerator stocked as well as my dad home from the hospital and in a comfortable routine. It’s exhausting. I found uncashed checks from 2005 and a notice from an escrow company asking why they hadn’t yet cashed a $20,000 check from early 2007. I found it in a drawer, expired, so I will have to call to have it reissued.

I’m happy to be home EXCEPT the airline lost my luggage (from San Jose to Orange County, go figure). It’s been over 24 hours and it’s finally in the right airport, awaiting pickup to be delivered to my house. Good thing, because it contains my Sahara (minus the sleeves) in Ruby Wine Tilli Tomas, some Malabrigo, some Manos del Uruguay, some wonderful Lobster Pot dyed yarn, and a teeny skein of bamboo. Oh, yeah, and some medication and clothes as well as my favorite red shoes.

I HAD to surf the net to get caught up on the iPhone hype. Engadget and Gizmodo have the best stuff I’ve found so far. Too pooped for any knitting or knitting content for the blog. I’m going out of town again for a few days for Parent Orientation and dd’s new university.

Have a safe and restful Fourth of July!

3 thoughts on “A Dubious Honor”

  1. I could relate to your stress in caring for ailing parents! We have my husband’s 91 year old grandmother living with us. Taking care of all the paperwork, overseeing her medication routine, doctor visits, and having to repeat myself over and over so that hopefully something sinks in does get tiring. What you are doing is so commendable!

    Knitting sure helps!

    Hope you have a better week this week!

  2. Hi Jen — thanks for your supportive comments. It’s true I felt guilty relief when I got on the plane to come home. I’m gearing up for another visit — I can imagine it’s quite different when the patients are under your own roof.
    Hi MOTG — Thanks for the tip! I have alternate colored luggage, a fairly uncommon blue, but that tag is such a good idea.

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