My Dad 1925-2007

Sad stuff ahead. OK to surf elsewhere….
At about 4 a.m. this morning despite the paramedics’ heroic efforts, my dad, the most amazing man in my world, passed away at home. He was with my mom, my nurse sister and her husband and year-old baby boy, and my brother. My sister and I flew home immediately and within 6 hours we were, and have been, all together. I am unbearably sad and grateful at the same time that he passed without pain and that my family is seeing this transition through together.
The pictures below are from my wedding day and of my parents at a fancy event about 10 years ago. We celebrated his 80th birthday two summers ago with a huge bash that included some of his siblings from the Philippines and friends and admirers from all segments of his life. In lieu of gifts we collected donations to his favorite charity, a medical mission to the Philippines that he led for many years. He will be missed….
taking comfort in family and the distraction of Mystery Stole 3


11 thoughts on “My Dad 1925-2007”

  1. So sorry to hear about your Father. Take care of yourself and hold his memory close. Share his stories with your children in hopes they will pass them on to your Grand Children. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Jerry & Debbie

  2. Hi cyber (and real-life) friends — Thanks so much for you comments of sympathy. It has helped me to express my thoughts and helped even more to have feedback. We’ve gotten some amazing e-mails from people about my dad (no time yet for snail mail cards) that we’re compiling into a memory book. It’s really been wonderful in a sad way. The funeral is set for Monday morning, which happily has allowed some relatives from the Philippines time to arrange for flights (isn’t that remarkable!?!). I’ll be back home Monday night and KIP on Wednesday and Thursday for sure.

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