Bandwagon Jumping

I’m one of ’em — the 2000-ish late joiners to Mystery Stole 3 just under the wire on Thursday night, July 5, who read the Yarn Harlot blog. Apparently we broke Yahoo temporarily trying to log in at the same time Friday morning to download Clue 2. Knitter power!

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I had rejected the idea of joining when I first learned about MS3 in mid-June, but I couldn’t bear the idea of not playing with all these other knitters this summer. So … I found some pale, pale yellow laceweight Ornaghi Filaturi in my stash, swatched away (I chose #4’s), and jumped in.

The picture is up to row 100, I think. I’m now around 112. I ordered blocking wires and a blocking board after all my trouble pinning just this beginning segment of the stole. I’m out of town right now, so I hope they were delivered all right.

If you have been reading my blog, you know I lost my dad early this week. There is nothing like the comfort of family (especially the most adorable one year-old boy in the current universe) and knitting…. I needed a straight stockinette project to alternate with this complex lace project, so I cast on a a new Gryffindor Harry Potter scarf in the Prisoner of Azkaban style (thick and thin stripes).

OK, back to work….
anxious to get back home


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