What Was I Thinking?


No photos with my posts for a while because I lent my camera to my son for his trip to Japan! What was I thinking?? He’s so refreshingly non-materialistic for his age. He doesn’t have a camera of his own and probably would not have bothered to locate one had I not offered mine. It’s purely selfish — I’M the one who wants to see pictures of what he did during his 18-day homestay in Hiroshima and Tokyo.

I’m writing from Oceanside, my home base for a week-long class at the University of San Diego. It’s been great but draining! Plus the commute is icky. I’m used to 5 minutes from my house to job. This 45-55 minutes each way is killing me.


More details to follow, but my yarn adventures have so far included Common Threads and The Black Sheep in Encinitas and Two Sisters and Ewe in La Mesa. I’m happily knitting on a completely new and unexpected project, a short-sleeved raglan sweater called Bob from Knitty in cream-colored Berrocco Love It (from Common Threads), as well as continuing a Gryffindor PoA scarf in cotton. I’m thrilled to have scored some pale green Pashmina from France. I’ll wait to gloat when I can post pix.


Mostly I’m tired — my brain hurts! This class is very stimulating but draining, too. Also, I’m still grieving my dad. The loss hits me at funny times. A childhood friend just lost his dad, too. I don’t recall the dad very well, but followed his career through the years. He was Ron MIller, best known for writing “For Once in My Life,” “A Place in the Sun,” and “Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday” back in the Motown heydey. Losing a parent sucks big time. Avoid it for as long as possible…. (is there an emoticon for ironic sadness? — insert here).





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