Emptying the Nest

Busy, busy weekend moving my dd into her freshman dorm! The reality is starting to set in — my first baby has flown from the nest. Here she is in her bedroom at home wearing the Parisian Beanie Beret from Stitch Diva that she commissioned me to do pronto. It’s in Karabella Aurora 8 in a colorway whose name escapes me at the moment. It was a lovely, soft yarn to knit, but tended to unravel as I used the cabling technique with no cable needle. I plan to use it again though, but with non-cable stitches.

Also, I included some detail shots. She wore the Beanie practically every waking hour since it was finished and we said our farewells on the campus to her wearing it. Very comforting for both her AND me….


Starting to get sad, but excited for her, too. I keep telling myself there’s always texting and e-mail and phone calls and even Skype calls since we both have cameras. But her bed room is achingly empty tonight….




2 thoughts on “Emptying the Nest”

  1. She looks very excited. And the hat is beautiful. It’s lovely that she has something from you to comfort her if she is lonely. I remember when my Dad dropped me off at college. Watching him walk away was so hard, but I was excited too and felt like I was at a sleep-away camp. I only realized recently how hard on him it must have been to leave me there (seven hours drive away).

  2. Hi Carolyn — we’re all (mom, dad, dd) pretty sentimental. My dh left her a letter to be opened after we departed. I got to read a draft — it’s so lovely! All I could say was, “ditto!” And i sneaked a bunch of little biz-card-size notes of encouragement in her underwear drawer, her Ugg boot, her resident hall info, her computer case, etc. She already found most of them and texted me her appreciation. She’s also texted me 3 times today. Not TOO far from the nest….

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