Early Birthday

My gift

See this? I just got one! My dh has been conferring with me for a month about an appropriate, milestone birthday gift, and this is what we decided upon. A few weeks ago I was visiting my 79 year-old mom who spoke wistfully and enviously of my aunt. Apparently she had lots of audiobooks to listen to on a plane trip to NY because her kids had loaded them for her onto her “what is that called again? — an iPod.” So … my mommy wants an iPod! Here’s the win-win scenario: I give her my 5G 60GB iPod video with mom-appropriate selections from my music library, sign her up for an Audible.com subscription, load it up with some wonderful audiobooks and give it to her. Then I replace my iPod with a new iPod touch with the way kewl touchscreen interface. Everybody’s happy! 🙂

I adore that I can surf the web from this gadget, including checking gmail and my favorite blogs and Ravelry and Surfline.com. I also have access to web-based apps like TaDa List, which is an easy To Do list program and Tumblr, which is a super-simple personal blog, kinda like leaving one’s self a voice mail or e-mail only searchable and linkable. Never mind that I can also view movies and TV shows and, more frequently, video podcasts. This thing even downloads YouTube videos, although that’s not a major deal for me. Mostly I’m just having fun figuring out how to streamline my organization system to just this gadget and my phone. Of course my Circa agenda is my hard-copy backup to everything, but it’s nice to condense all my crucial info into a small, portable form.

In lovely, ironic Teresa-fashion, we scored this sexy Apple product at Costco for $10 less and with a 90-day return policy. So it was riding in the cart on top of the new blender, next to the mondo pack of stewed tomatoes, 12-pack of Eclipse gum, right above the cases of bottled water and Propel, but far away from the condensation of frozen Lean Cuisines.

For the present, my new toy is being protected in an old Apple-supplied iPod slipcase, awaiting my new Invisible Shield, just what the name implies in terms of protection, that comes highly recommended on iPhone sites. Also, manufacturers have not yet shipped (so no reviews yet) cases for the Touch, so I’m transporting mine in a pretty pink leather case meant for 3×5 cards.


hoping your weekend is as great as mine!


2 thoughts on “Early Birthday”

  1. I want to get a new phone and I love that you can surf the web with that. Maybe I’ll keep the old phone and just upgrade with the I touch for the other stuff.

  2. We debated getting the iPhone and breaking our Verizon contract but decided it was too expensive for less memory. “Someday” there will be a 3G phone, probably just about when our contact runs out, and I can upgrade then. Since I already have a T-Mobile wireless account for Starbucks and other locations, I can get both paid and free wireless just about anywhere I go (except while driving). IMHO this truly is the best iPod ever with added internet functionality.

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