LOLCats and Derivatives


Ok, first a little explanation. There’s a whole genre of images out there called lolcats, which is basically cat pix with slogans on them. They have their own weird grammar and quirky humor and distinct vibe. This link is to LOLTrek, a Star Trek variation on lolcats. The site loads a little wonky, but scroll down then back up to the clearest pix — if you’re a Trekker (or Trekkie) it’ll be worth it.


Knitting content: I discovered this link on the RavelTrek group on Ravelry (thanks, KimK!). Knitting and Star Trek, a geek knitter’s match made in heaven!



4 thoughts on “LOLCats and Derivatives”

  1. I found that a week or so ago, right after someone at Ravelry tuned me in to Lolcats. I thought I was going to hurt myself laughing at James T’s ‘Whut??’.


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