Electronic Giraffe in Del Mar

I have had an amazing couple of days surrounding my birthday. And what do I choose to post about first? The Electronic Giraffe Project we encountered Saturday morning in Del Mar! Here he is fully extended. I tried to get a picture of him “feeding” in the trees, but he was too quick. 😉

Here’s a detail of his head. If you pet the sensors on his snout, his ears flap back and forth. Also, here I am with his creator, whose name I neglected to get, the hobbyist guy who likes making functional art.

What’s hard to discern from the photos is the Giraffe sports an amazing sound system. So he “walks” (seriously, he lifts one leg at a time) to his own music.

The occasion of our meeting the Giraffe was the annual Taste of Del Mar Art Walk. We had driven there just for breakfast (more about my weekend away another time), but stayed to browse the booths and to purchase an amazing “sculptural painting” that will hang in our about-to-be-remodeled downstairs bathroom. Pix to come because it’s wrapped up in the car right now.

Knitting content: this is part of my yarn purchase on the way down at Knitting by the Beach in Solana Beach. Isn’t it a way cuuuuuute kit?! Notice it comes in an actual take-out sushi package.

Off for yarn shopping and dinner in La Jolla!

Rogue Tess
who LOVES birthday celebrations in my family!


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