Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

This is one of my little ways of speaking up for an important issue: PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT! Go here for more details about what the banner and the slogan mean. Since I have no advertising revenue from my blog, I plan to make a personal donation to the cause.


I feel a little uncomfortable band-wagon jumping so soon after Al Gore just won the freakin’ Nobel PEACE Prize for his work in raising awareness about global warming, but — hey — it’s real and it’s important and it’s always been important to me. I’m proud to admit that, when my family first moved to Orange County, we were registered members of the Green Party. A few ways in which my family makes its small contributions to reducing our carbon footprint are: we drive our Toyota Prius on long car trips, we have no air-conditioning in our house, we use Nalgene and other reusable bottles for water as well as personal cups for Starbucks coffee, we recycle avidly, my daughter is an environmental studies major, and we reduce packaging by buying in bulk.


Knitting content: it’s been easy for me to support lower-environmental-impact activities by spinning, patronizing fair trade and organic practices businesses, and handmaking many garments. Also, providing lots of warm, knitted goodness for my loved ones allows us to keep our thermostat lower.


Wish I could write more (as well as more meaningful!) content, but the realities of deadlines are upon me.


Happy Blog Action Day!




3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day”

  1. Hey! I loved this post — it corresponds with my own desire to sign up with NYC’s Dept. of Sanitation’s contest to see who can make their school the greenest. It’s a huge community-wide undertaking, but other schools have done it in the past and developed some terrific projects, from a school second-hand store/swap to schoolwide composting policies — IN NEW YORK CITY!! We’ll see how it goes. I’m a little daunted by it, but I want to try. Thanks for your posts on my blog! I’m slowly getting it back up again — the passion there but the time is often lacking. C’est la vie. Glad to learn you weren’t harmed by the fires!

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