Smoke Day

(Somehow this never got uploaded!  It was from Thursday, October 25, the week of the awful fires.)

My son, who attends the high school where I teach, just got home (I was done earlier) and said school is cancelled tomorrow (Friday). Naturally I didn’t believe him, <g> but just checked my e-mail and, indeed, all schools in my district are closed due to the unhealthy air conditions.

Yay on so many levels! I have been suffering mightily from asthma and general Santa Ana condition misery since Sunday night, as well as from sleep deprivation due to having the fire coverage on TV all the time. The first whiff of smoke in the windy conditions Sunday brought disturbing, visceral memories of being evacuated 16 years before from the Oakland hills where we came 5 houses away from losing our home. My little cul de sac was spared by a shift in the wind.

All of the news about evacuees and firefighting tactics and arson and helpless feelings have in some ways paralyzed me these past few days. None of my family or property has been in any danger, other than from smoky air, so it felt like whining to consider posting about it here. I wasn’t outside long enough to take any pictures, so no content there. I HAVE done a lot of knitting, especially in front of the TV, but it’s all in process, so no pictures to share there.

Nevertheless, having the Smoke Day tomorrow has liberated me. I will remain indoors, but I feel that this enforced three-day weekend is a gift!

Mostly, however, I believe the cancellation of school was the logical and inevitable and wisest decision to make for the good of the community. Sure, it will be a hassle to reschedule the football game and other competitions, but consider how many people will be the healthier for it, as well as having time to cope with the disruption to normal life in this entire region.

Anyway, here‘s a random video I first discovered on the Dvorak Uncensored blog ( I wish I could teach this to MY dog!



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