Animator vs. Animation

This is a well-crafted flash animation that satirizes flash animation. Thanks for pointing me to it, Andrea!

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART

Been surfing more than knitting lately, as you can see….


Loop and Leaf

Successful yarn crawl! Last weekend my dh and I traveled to Santa Barbara to visit dd. The stay was “fine” from the family standpoint (nuff said). One of the highlights was discovering a newly-opened LYS called Loop and Leaf and meeting the owner, Celeste, her mom, and various friends and babies. Coincidentally, we had parked next to the building just the night before to have dinner at Chad’s on Chapala in downtown SB. Great location….

Souvenir yarn: two skeins of The Fiber Company, Road to China (baby alpaca, silk, camel, cashmere) in Topaz for a yummily soft and warm scarf for dd. I’m adapting the center cable pattern from the Top Down Raglan from an old Interweave Knits. (I had the pattern and all but the last 6″ and sleeves of the sweater with me to work on.)

Also, one skein of Handmaiden Cashmere and Silk for a cowl for moi. The pattern is Sofia Cowl from One Skein Wonders. I want to make a virtual kitten-on-my-neck in memory of my first cat of my marriage, Moshi, a black short-haired Persian whose favorite place was nestled against my neck when I was lying down, purring loudly enough to drown out the tribulations of my world.

Here are a few pix my dh took of this amazingly cozy, yet open shop. Note the way kewl lamps that are photos of graffiti walls in NYC. Also, Celeste has a seriously kewl Squirrel Cage swift and ball winder. The “Loop” is self-explanatory — we’re talking Habu, Shi Bui, Handmaiden, Jamieson, you name the exotic fiber. The “Leaf” is for the smallest of the three rooms that is devoted to tea! I got two kinds of loose tea, Gen Mai Cha that my sister turned me on to, wonderful and earthy, and a Morning Blend that’s very refreshing. Also, I’m including a link to a photo of my new tea mug gadget from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.